Policies and Guidelines

I.Policy on Enrollment Process

Objective: To identify current process that all students must go through before attending class and re¬evaluate the sequence of that process.

1.PMFTCI has organized the enrollment policy to ensure its suitability to the guidelines of CHED &TESDA to ensure its correctness for the enrollees commencing from the start and end of the program.
2.PMFTCI has established procedure to be followed by students during enrollment

II.Policy on Control of Redords

Objectives: To ensure that files are properly classified, labeled, identify, retrieved stored and disposed. PMFTCI has established and maintained records to provide evidence of conformity to requirements and of effective operation of the quality management system.

1.Records shall be legible, readily identifiable and retrievable.
2.A documented procedure has established to define the controls needed for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention time and disposal of records.
3.PMFTCI has established procedure on the proper classifying, labeling, identifying, retrieval, storing and disposal of records which has passed their retention period.
4.Records from the registration office are retained for a period of time depending of what type of records after being classified.
5.Classification of Records and their retention period

Name of Records Storage Disposal
Report of Grades 5 years in the file 5 years in the archive Shredding ( Scanned copies being backed up )
Enrollment Report 5 years in the file 5 years in the archive Scratch ( backed up electronic copies )
External & Internal Memos 5 years in the file 5 year in the archive Scratch
TOR & Diploma Retain Backed-up electronic Copies
Training Certificates Retain Backed-up electronic Copies
201 Files 5 years in the file 5 year in the archive Shredding ( Scanned copies being backed up )

III.Policy on S.O. No. Application

Objectives: To ensure that S.O. No. application is fully implemented via quality procedure for efficiency.

1.In order to ensure that students completed the registered program PMFTCI established procedure on the application of Special Order No. adheres on the standard set by CHED and TESDA.
2.S.O. No. is necessary for the Certification of Authentication and Verification (CAV) of the Program Registration.

IV.Policy on Removal/Retake

Objectives: To ensure that the process in removal and compliance of gradesare fully implemented via a fully quality procedure for efficiency.

1.Each student shall be responsible for the completion of all required work, in each course for which he/she has enrolled,
2.Each student shall receive from his/her instructors a grade in each course for which he/she is enrolled at the close of the session. This grade shall indicate the student’s achievement with respect to the objectives of the course.
3.A grade of incomplete is a record of work that was interrupted by unavoidable absence or other causes beyond a student’s control, which work was passing at the time it was interrupted and the completion of which does not require the student to repeat the course in order to obtain credit.
4.The incomplete may also be used to delay the awarding of a grade in courses, the completion of which normally requires one semester, but the structure of which allows specified additional time. An instructor may consult with the dean of students to determine whether the circumstances may warrant a grade of incomplete.
5.PMFTCI established a procedure in removal / retake / completion of grades

V.Policy in Evaluating Transferees, Graduating and Irregular Students

Objectives: To monitor deficiencies of student prior to enrollment.

1.Registrar should ensure students get the maximum number of subjects allowed in his/her year level. Overloading of subjects are not allowed for non-graduating.
2.Year level is determine base on the number of subjects taken and on the number of units earned; this must be transparent on all copies of the certificate of registration.
3.There is only one authorized person in the registrar allowed to evaluate the students. Academic Dean may conduct evaluation in the absence of the Registrar authorized representative.
4.Evaluation form must show names of the evaluator and signature of both parties should affix to signify approval.

VI.Policy on Application for Graduation

Objectives: To ensure that the application for graduation process is fully implemented via a quality procedure for efficiency.

1. In order to graduate in a given term, a student must submit an application for graduation to the Office of the Registrar two months before the graduation.
2. Students must satisfy all the requirements set forth by Registrar in order to qualify for graduation from PMFTCI.
   2.1 It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all requirements are met during his/her stay in the Program.
3. A student must have no grade below 3.00 in any subjects to become eligible for admission to qualify for graduation.
4.A student denied for graduation must complete all the necessary requirements first before he/she can re-apply for graduation.5. Formal commencement exercises are held in April. Candidates for graduation are enjoined to participate in graduation exercises.

VII.Policy on Adding/Dropping of Subjects and Withdrawal of Course

1.A student, with valid reasons, may add or change subject(s) personally in the Office of the Registrar within 2 weeks after the beginning of classes.

   1.1 Valid Reasons
      - Sick (proof of Medical Certificate)
      - Conflict of Schedule
      - Working Student (proof of certificate of employment)
      - Religious Schedule

   1.2 No representative of the student should execute the adding/dropping of forms except in cases where the student in no personal circumstances has inability to accomplish the form by her/himself. A special power of Attorney is necessary to execute the same.

2. A student who wishes to add/drop a subject(s) must seek the approval of the requests to the College Dean and notify his/her instructor of the subject he/she intends to add/drop.

   2.1 A course/subject dropped after the allowable period is NOT allowed. Registrar will automatically assigned a grade of 5.0, depending upon the subject requirements. Hence, subjects and its corresponding grade shall appear in the Student’s Transcript of Records.
   2.2 A course/subject dropped within the allowable period is allowed and does NOT appear in the Student’s Transcript of Records.
   2.3 Withdrawal / cancellation made prior to the commencement of classes will be charged Php 500.00. Relatively, cancellation made during the training period will be charged 100% of the total regular training cost.
   2.4 Parents’ consent must be attached on the withdrawal form or notify through phone.

3. PMFTCI reserves the right to cancel the registration which lacks sufficient evidence of the payment and submission of documentary requirements upon registration.

VII.Policy on Releasing Student Credentials

Objectives: To ensure that release of Student’s credentials process is fully implemented via quality procedure for efficiency.

1. All the credentials (Transcript of Records, Diploma and Training Certificates) issued by Pinamalayan Maritime Foundation and Technological College, Inc. are in accordance with the CHED, TESDA and MARINA requirements.
2. Students seeking the release of any pertinent record for any purpose should request from the registrar ‘s office.
3. Appropriate forms for requesting are available at the registrar’s office. These credentials shall be issued only after the student is cleared of all his financial obligations to the school.4. Follow procedures for releasing of student credentials.

IX.Policy on Double Checking of Data Encoded in the Student Credentials before Releasing

Objectives: To ensure that data entered in the student records are accurate and true and is fully implemented via quality procedure for efficiency.

1. Pinamalayan Maritime Foundation and Technological College, Inc. ensure an accurate and correct data entered in the student credentials before releasing.
2. Registrar Office assigned person who will double check data.
3. Follow procedures.

X.Policy on Evaluation/Encoding of Grades and Assessment of Student Records

Pinamalayan Maritime Foundation and Technological College, Inc.is committed to provide the academic growth of students through timely and individualized developmental feedback to students about their academic performance.

1. Faculty members must provide formative assessment to students throughout the learning contract or course.
2. Faculty members compute/ tally numeric grades to record a summative evaluation of the student’s performance in a learning contract or course in which the student earned credit.
3. Assessment or grading of a student’s work is based on the learning objectives/outcomes and the methods and criteria of evaluation stated in the learning contract or course syllabus.
4. A grade credit is assigned by the instructor only if the academic expectations of the learning contract or course syllabus have been completed satisfactorily.
5. To support student achievement, PMFTCI faculty may afford students opportunities to revise work during a study in order to meet performance standards at the minimum or a higher level.
6. Nevertheless, a student who works hard and shows progress, but does not meet the stated criteria for evaluation, does not earn college credit.
7. All the evaluation details in the evaluation form must be completely filled up. Data given by the respective instructors must be carefully and properly encode to the evaluation form by the assigned registrar personnel.
8. It is strictly written in black ballpoint only. Any alteration and erasure in the data will cause to invalidation of evaluation form. Encoded grades must be accompanied by the signature of assigned personnel.

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